Monday October 29th, 2018

Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday October 29TH, 2018

                   Theo’s Restaurant





Charles Kelly                  Joanne Watson                Stevie Ray VK

Steph Worthington         John Mayo                      Kevin Healy

Fred Larsen                     Jerry Wink                      Dave Burns

Steph Hunter                   Korine Keyzer                Noel Sterne

B.T. Cole                        Robert Marck                  John Morton

John Parker                     Rob Town                       Mike Bunn

Jen Man                          Carol Ivey                       Adam Borutski

Don Haskins                   Peter Head                      Bruce Waite

Mark Riczu                     David North


Guests:   From the Kiwanis Club of Huntsville Muskoka


Rick Brooks                    Janis Larade                    Ward Edmonds

Malorie Duncan              Brittnay Robbins


From BBBS          


Amanda             Krista                   Katy                Miranda

Oh Canada:


Not sure if it was the Muskoka gang or BBBS but today’s rendition of our national anthem was nothing short of inspired – awesome job Gang!!!!
The Blessing:


The well-spoken Noel Sterne delivered a meaningful blessing today as always – thanks Noel!!!
Happy Loonies:


Past President and former treasurer Mike Bunn had a loonie for the upcoming “Festival of Trees” fundraiser for the Orillia Museum of Art and History. It takes place November 17th and tickets are $50.00.  Cool stuff Mike!!!


Past President and present-day enjoyer of life Jerry Wink was also selling tickets for the “Gas for a Year” fundraiser in support of the Orillia Figure Skating Club. Gee Jerry, I really hate to burst your bubble, but your timing couldn’t be worse.  After all the beer and Randy Beard’s baked beans this weekend, half the club will have gas for a year without even buying a ticket!!!


Past President and present L.G. Steph clinked the can for 33rd annual BBBS “Curl for Kid’s Sake” bonspiel taking place on November 25th.  Music Festival Chair and curling great Don Haskins is looking to put together a couple of rinks from Kiwanis – groovy guys, groovy!!!


Present President Fred Larsen clinked the can for the new blood on the board of the Huronia Cultural Campus – great news Fred!!!


President Elect Korine was out for the Art Gala in support of the OSMH Mental Health Unit. Sounds like a great event!!!



Today’s Meeting:


Well you guessed it. Today’s meeting was all about the auction – auction, auction, auction!!!!


Committee Chair Stevie VK was on hand to give a rundown on this, the biggest Kiwanis weekend of the year. For the new members and realistically many of the old, here’s how it all shakes down…..


-8:30 breakfast at the Curling Club

-all day pick-ups and set up at O.D.A.S. Park

Friday Evening:

-5:30 Friday evening dinner (compliments of Theo’s),  beer and wine (compliments of the general fund) and register and assign bidder numbers to club members.  A word of caution keep your bidder numbers to yourselves!!!  Several years back I somehow ended up with a bikini waxing kit!!!#@$%##%?!!!

-7:00 pancake breakfast for the club at O.D.A.S.  Don’t forget your ten bucks’ cash!!!

It’s pretty simple from there.  From 8:00 to 4:00 we raise as much money as we can.  From 4:00 until whenever we drink as much beer as week can then we go home.
Saturday Evening:

The après celebration will be happening at our (Lynnette and Dave North’s) house.  As they say in Brechin, here’s where we let the clutch out!!!  We live right around the corner from the Fairgrounds at 1616 Osprey Lane.  Myself, the coolers and all the booze will be heading over there as soon as we’re all cleaned up at the roller rink so come on over right from there.  Yeah, I know, some of you may want to go home, get cleaned up then come back.  Let me put it to you this way.  Did the Boston Red Sox go back to the hotel and shower before corking the champagne???  I don’t think so!!!

The Cookin’ Butcher himself – Randy Beard will be catering an awsome dinner.  It should hit the table shortly after 6:00. Andy from Driver’s Seat can be reached at 705 242 5696 if anyone needs a ride home.  Just want to make sure everyone gets home safely.
Sunday Afternoon:

                For those who can dial a phone the next day we typically meet at Tim Timpano’s office for follow up phone calls and to finish off the beer (like there’s going to be any). I think 1:00 is the normal time.  The really good news – clocks go backwards this weekend!!!
We’ve been working on this for months Gang, it’s showtime!!! Let’s knock this thing out of the park!!!!
Next Week:


Not sure what’s going on next week but as always, I know you won’t want to miss it. See you all Friday.

Thought for the Day:


“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”.



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