Monday September 17th, 2018

Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday September 17th, 2018

                   Theo’s Restaurant





Bob MacDonald                     Fred Larsen                     Steve Van Kessel

Korine Keyzer                        Heather Breckles            Steph Worthington

Lawrence LaFrance                Erin Watson                    Mark Burns

Peter Head                              Jen Man                          Mark Goode

John Parker                             Mike Koza                      Mitch Shaw

Mark Riczu                             John Mayo                      Ben Cole

Noel Sterne                             Joanne Watson                Jerry Wink

Stephanie Hunter                    Charles Kelly                  Kevin Healy

Bruce Waite                            Don Haskins                   Walt Bulas

Dave North


Rick Telford – O.D.A.S. Park

Dylan Court and Mike Best – Guest speakers

Kevin Gangloff – Orillia Youth Centre

Kim Head – First Lady and the gal who made Pete’s year as Pres possible


Oh Canada:


You know the power and perfect harmony achieved by vocal ensembles such as our own T.L.S.S. Voices of Thunder???? Well we didn’t sound anything like that today but nice job none the less!!!!
The Blessing:


Noel Sterne was back with us today to give the blessing. Great having you back Noel, we’ve missed you.
A Very Special Welcome Back:


It was absolutely wonderful to have Joanne Watson back with us today. As I’m sure you all know, Joanne has spent a good part of this year recovering from surgery.  To quote Billy Crystal from S.N.L.’s Fernando’s Hideaway, “Jou look mavolous Daling.”
Happy Loonies:


Steph H has three kids off to Europe next spring for D-day celebrations. They’re holding a fundraiser at the Red Caboose on Saturday the 29th.  Great stuff Steph – say that five times!!!

Fred’s happy about all the cool events the H.C.C. will be holding at St. Paul’s this fall. The good news, you don’t have to go through Ticketmaster!!!

Steph W chipped in a loonie for the Sept 29th BBBS Mancave Tour in support of BBBS.  She’s also the Pres of the Couch Point Residence Assoc.  Repeat after me Steph, NO!!!!!!!

Kevin Gangloff clinked the can for the Youth Centre fundraiser set for Sept 29th at Burl’s Creek I believe.  Cool stuff Kevin!!!
Mark Riczu was elated over the success of the Evening in the O.R. fundraiser which hauled in over $50,000.00 for the hospital – that’s fantastic Mark!!!!

Today’s Guest Speakers:


Rick Telford from O.D.A.S Park dropped by to thank the club for our help with this year’s Orillia Fall Fair.  2018 was the most successful in the fair’s long history.  It really sounds like there’s a rejuvenated spirit around O.D.A.S. Park and it looks like the beginning of a great partnership for Kiwanis.  Sounds like there’s talk of a winter fair coming this February.  Great having you with us Rick, this is really cool stuff!!

Dylan Court and Mike Best from the Orillia Skate Park Redevelopment Initiative were our guest speakers today. The idea is to build a modern, state of the art multi-use skate facility at the new rec center which is currently under development on West Street.  Once completed, it would be maintained by Parks and Rec.  In addition to skateboarding, the sport has evolved to include scooters and BMX cycling.  The current skate park (built by Kiwanis) is to small and does not have the necessary equipment suitable for the needs of the sport today.

The ideal behind building the new facility at the rec center is to make it a visible part of the community.   This could turn Orillia into a destination for the sport which is exploding in popularity (BMX will be part of the 2020 Olympics).  We all know the business these types of events can bring into a community.  Having it front and center would also deter any negative behavior that might be associated with a more ‘back street” location.

Back in the mid-nineties, our club spearheaded the development of the Kiwanis Skate Park by the city waterfront.  At the time, it was bold and controversial (some citizens thought the club had being hanging around the Weed Man to long).  It has turned out to be one of the most relevant, visible, enduring and successful projects in our club’s long history.  My thoughts are, if there’s anything that will make the youth of today put their (insert adjective, preferably one that begins with the letter f) phones down for an hour or two, it’s worth supporting.  Many thanks to both Dylan and Mike for being with us today and we wish you much success with your very innovative project.
Auction Cards:


You’ve got’em, we need’em!!!!   Lets’ all try and have them in by Thanksgiving – that’s almost three weeks away so there’s plenty of time.

Don’t forget, Friday November 2nd begins at 8:00am with breakfast, followed by set up then the club dinner and auction preview at the Roller Rink.  Saturday the 3rd is the big day so we need all Kiwanis (and families) on deck!!!  Oh yeah, we may just let the clutch out Saturday night after it’s all over!!!!

Next Week:


There’s no regular meeting next week because…. drum roll…’s President’s night at Hawkridge. Make sure you’ve RSVP’d any come out and celebrate Pres Pete’s awesome Kiwanis year!!!!  That’s all for now, have a great week everyone.

Thought for the Day:


“Play is the highest form of Research”.

        Albert Einstein







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