Monday June 25th, 2018

                                 Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday June 25th, 2018

                   Theo’s Restaurant




Ben Cole                         Bob MacDonald                      Kevin Healy

Mark Goode                    Jim Wenger                             Mark Burns

Heather Breckles            Robert Marck                          Jen Man

Peter Head                      Mike Bunn                              Jerry Wink

Noel Sterne                     Korine Keyzer                         Matt Dixon

John Mayo                      Steph Worthington                  Carol Ivey

John Parker                     Lawrence LaFrance                        Don Haskins

Bruce Waite                    Walt Bulas                              Dave North

Jerry Wink’s grandson Evan
Oh Canada: 

Could have used a little more passion (not to mention Fred) considering Sunday is Canada Day. FYI, I’ve got my Roger Doucet rendition all ready for first thing Sunday morning.
The Blessing:


Noel Sterne delivered a poignant blessing as he always does. Thanks Noel.

Happy Loonies:


John Mayo AKA “The Commish” kicked in ten smackeroos in honor of the provincial gold medal our Senior A Lady Kings brought home from Brampton this past weekend. High fives, down lows, fist pumps and shake your booty – that’s something to cheer about!!!!


LG Steph is off to Vegas with Bruce and Susan Waite for the Kiwanis convention. Hope you have a much fun as Ben did a few years back.
Special Notice:


Steph informed the club that Joanne Watson has had a recurrence of cancer and has recently undergone surgery. It sounds like the procedure went well and Joanne is home recovering with her two sons close by.    Let’s all wish Joanne well and remind her that she has an entire family here at Kiwanis that she can count on if she needs anything.  Hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery Joanne.  We look forward to seeing you back at our weekly meetings soon.
New Member Introductions:


Jerry Wink introduced our two newest members to the club last week. Jerry eloquently recalled all his very fond memories of Kiwanis and how much being a member of Kiwanis has meant to him.  Nicely done Jerry and a big welcome to Kevin Healy and Mark Riczu, our latest additions to our Kiwanis family.

Today’s Guest Speaker


MP Bruce Stanton, our man on Capitol Hill was our guest speaker today. I have to leave early (computer training) so I missed it however I’m quite sure Bruce brought the club up to speed on what’s going on in Ottawa these days.  It’s always great to have our elected representatives drop by every now and then.  Thanks for being with us today Bruce.

Next Week:


There’s no meeting next week because – you guessed it, it’s Canada Day!!!! Make sure you’ve stocked up on the cold bevies, sounds like you’re going to need them!!!!  My plan is to invite all the cottage neighbors over, load up the floating cooler, tee up my “Oh What a Feeling (Juno award winners)” playlist, put a life jacket on like a diaper, float around the lake with my big yellow sun hat and behave like a true Canadian.  Happy 151ST Canada!!!!!

Thought for the Day:


“Canada is like a really nice apartment built over a meth lab.”

        Robin Williams

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