Monday May 15th, 2018

Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday May 15th, 2018

                   Theo’s Restaurant





Korine Keyzer                Jen Man                          Mark Burns

Fred Larsen                     Jim Wenger                    Adam Borutski

Mike Bunn                      Mitch Shaw                     Kevin Healy

Bob MacDonald             James Maxwell               Jerry Wink

Charles Kelly                  Matt Watson                   Steph Worthington

Bruce Waite                    Carol Ivey                       Bob Brown

John Mayo                      Robert Marck                  Don Haskins

John Parker                     Mike Koza                      Dave North




Lois Larsen                     Chris Larsen

Joe Larsen (Lars Classington)


 Oh Canada:


Uplifting and inspiring, must be the spring weather!!!!
The Blessing:


Just in case you hadn’t noticed, James Maxwell was back with us today and picked up right where he left off. He also delivered a well worded and appropriate blessing as he always does – thanks James
Happy Loonies:


James chipped in a fin for the BBBS Bowl For Kid’s Sake. Wife Jen also celebrated a big birthday this past weekend.  Great stuff James!!!!


Bob Brown and the gang down at Thor’s received the Diamond Award for customer satisfaction. I can say first hand that you’ve got a great staff at the dealership Bob – congrats!!!!!


Kevin Healy is happy to be in Kiwanis and why wouldn’t he be??? Great to have you Kevin!!!


Korine is happy to announce that the CKSV has received a $1,000.00 grant from Walmart. Wow, that’s quite the feat!!!!


Pres Pete is giddy over the Head Start Const. Lakers B-ball team went 2-2 down at provincials in London this past weekend. They did way better than those Raptors!!!!

Kiwanis Music Festival Update:


Tonight’s the night for the “Stars Encore” performance at the Orillia Opera House. I believe it kicks off at 7:30 p.m.


Kiwanis Hoedown:


Tickets have been printed and are ready for sale. Books of ten can be picked up from the committee.  June 16th is the date.  Time to let loose your inner cowboy


Kiwanis Children’s Safety Village Fundraiser Dinner:
In the words of Rod Stewart, “Tonight’s the night.” All we have to do is show up at Eastside Mario’s and have dinner!!!   All proceeds will be donated to the Kiwanis Children’s Safety Village.  Thanks to John, Rose and the whole gang at Eastside’s for doing this for us.  Let’s have a big club turnout and support the KCSV.  Afterwards everyone can head on over to the Opera House for the “Stars Encore” extravaganza!!!  “It’s gonna be alright”….
OSMH Pediatrics Floor Update:


Construction is moving along with the new Pediatrics unit which was formerly known as Soldier’s 2. There will be a renaming opportunity for the club once this new facility has been completed.  The current peds centre will be repurposed and renamed.  One suggestion that’s been floating around is the “Maxwell Centre for Advance Proctology.”  Okay, that’s not really true but after today’s meeting, I couldn’t resist.
Today’s Guest Speaker:


Nathan Taylor and John Hammel of “Orillia Matters” were with us today. Both Nathan and John were employees of the Orillia Packet when, after over 140 years, it’s doors were closed forever last November.  Nathan was on the reporting / editing side and John was in advertising.  Both have spent many years in the newspaper business.  They talked about how shocking it was for ownership to change at the Packet and then have it shut down basically on the same day.  They also spoke about the irony of joining Orillia Matters a short time later.  This digital platform was viewed by the Packet as the competition. They both talked about the advantages of a digital platform over a traditional print-based newspaper.  Among these are far fewer restrictions on print space and fewer deadlines.  It’s interesting to hear that Orillia Matters is currently experiencing a 40% increase in both page use and readership – wow!!!!  Thanks for being with us today Guys.  We all lament the cancellation of the Packet but it’s great to hear that maybe the future isn’t so bad.

Next Week:


Next Monday is Queen Victoria’s birthday so it’s quite appropriate that there will be a round table at Brewery Bay hosted by none other than Carol Ivey. Okay, this is a bit of an inside joke but if you’re around, drop by “The Bay” for lunch.  That’s all for now.  Have a great long weekend everyone!!!

Thought for The Day

“You may have a fresh start anytime you chose, for this thing we call failure is not the falling down, it’s the staying down.”

        Mary Pickford

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