Monday January 29th, 2018

                                 Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday January 29th, 2018

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia





Joanne Watson                       Korine Keyzer                Peter Head

B.T. Cole                                Mitch Shaw                     Bob Robinson

Heather Breckles                    John Parker                     John Pritchard

Mike Koza                              Steph Worthington         Tim Timpano

Bob Brown                              Matt Dixon                     Rob Town

Mark Burns                             Noel Sterne                     Adam Borutski

Mike Bunn                              John Mayo                      Jen Man

Marnie Bosco                         John Morton                   Bruce Waite



First Lady Kim Head              Raquel Ness

Marnie’s friend Nicole
Oh Canada:

Fred Who?????
The Blessing:


Noel Sterne was back with us again today and delivered a fitting blessing as always – thanks Noel.
Happy Loonies:


Steph is giddy over learning how to drive stick compliments of James Maxwell. Stevie VK should be happy about all the upcoming clutch and transmission work!!!  Speaking of James, he was nominated for the 2017 Citizen of the Year Award!!!  Great stuff!!!

John Parker’s son has finished his at sea tour of duty and is now back on dry ground – Cool JP!!!

Bob Brown’s daughter Courtney is home from Europe where she has been working with the men’s national downhill ski team – wow!!!
Mike Koza is happy about taking the training wheels off his son’s bike. Before you know it, he’ll be looking for the keys to the car.

Mike Bunn is clicking his heals over blowing the doors off John Mayo in the Snow Flake run series. Nice job Mike!!!!

Dave North (me) had a loonie for Rob Town’s bold and stylish new ski togs he’s been sporting on the escarpment this season. The only things flashier are the silky-smooth lines Rob’s been laying down on the slopes this year – nice look Rob!!!
Marnie’s number one son Sam (not to be confused with David Berkowitz) has been knocking down the free throws and knocking out the competition in the Knights of Columbus skills tourney. Awesome stuff Sam.
Kiwanis Ski Day Part II


Get your skis shined up grab a stick of Juicy Fruit

The taste is going to move ya!!!!…….

Stay tuned, this could be groovy!!!!

Today’s Guest Speaker: 

Raquel Ness and our very own Tim Timpano were our guest speakers today. The topic of their presentation were the new changes to the Employment Standards Act, the Labor Relations Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  Anyone who what there will agree that these changes are far reaching and will have a significant impact on businesses large and small – especially small.  The material is far to extensive to cover here.  If you missed it and are interested, I encourage you to reach out to Tim and he could likely send you the hand out he circulated at today’s meeting.  Thank you both Raquel and Tim and wow, big changes!!!
Next Week:


Not sure what’s going on next week (might be the Heart and Stroke annual luncheon). That’s all for now, have a great week everyone.
Thought for the Day:

“The government solution to the problem is often as bad as the problem.”

        Milton Friedman

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