Monday November 20th 2017



Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday November 20th, 2017

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia





Lawrence LaFrance                        Jim Wenger                     Jen Man

Korine Keyzer                         Adam Borutski                Steve van Kessel

Heather Breckles                    Mark Burns                     Steph Worthington

Peter Head                              Erin Watson                    Fred Larsen

Dave North                             Joanne Watson                Scott O’Conner

Charles Kelly                          John Mayo                      Robert Marck

John Parker                             Matt Watson                   Mark Goode

Mike Bunn                              Ben Cole                         Doug Downey

Tim Timpano                           Don Haskins                    Bruce Waite

John Morton
Oh Canada:


Rich, full and with a strong finish. Nice job Gang!!!!!
The Blessing:


John Mayo stepped in to deliver a familiar yet always relevant blessing – thanks John!!!
Happy Loonies:


Dave North (me) is happy about the great turn out for the Santa Claus parade. Thanks to Tim and Doug for hosting the bucket brigade – always a great gathering.  Thanks to Heather for adding the octane to the coffee!!!
Lawrence LaFrance echoed the great day we all had marching (or in my case, riding) in the parade this past weekend.

Heather Breckles chipped in a loonie for the BBBS curling bonspiel taking place this Sunday at the curling club. Kiwanis will again be represented by the Haskins Rink.

Sounds like the “Dukes of Haphazard” are at it again. Johnnie Mayo and Mikey Whitwell were off on a road trip to Montreal this past weekend.  It seems they may have brought a few cans of whup-ass with them as the Buds wallpapered the Habs six – zip at the Bell Centre Saturday night!!!!

Mark Goode is happy to be having dinner with the President of Rwanda during his upcoming trip to Africa with the Where Angels Play group. He is also happy to have son Mitchell home from Florida.  Awesome stuff Mark!!!!

Bruce Waite clinked the can for the smash hit musical “Chicago” which has played this past month at the opera house. Neato Bruce!!!!
Christmas Kettles:


It’s that time of year and we still have vacant spots. Log into the sign – up genius or check the sign-up sheets for availability.  I know there’s no way this club would ever let the Salvation Army down during their most crucial time of the year.  Let’s “git er done”.


Christmas Party Update:


The board has voted to change up our annual Christmas Party. This year we are holding a Christmas drop by social at Theo’s on Monday December 17th from 2:30 to 5:00ish.  We are taking the money we normally would have budgeted for this and we’re donating it to the BBBS Christmas dinner they hold for the families they serve.  The dinner is December 14th and the club has been invited to help serve.  Details will follow.  What a great idea!!!!



Kiwanis Safety Village:


Just a friendly reminder to everyone to please show up when scheduled. It makes it tough on everyone else to get this thing set up or taken down when we’re short-handed – thank you.








Kiwanis Ski Day Update:


This thing is starting to get some traction, several have expressed interest. I’ll point out that, although not an official club event, it is for anyone in Kiwanis, their spouses, kids and friends.  The date is Friday December 15th at Mt St Louis Moonstone.  The plan is to show up anytime during the day and ski.  We, (Lynnette and I) will be hosting an après wine and cheese at our house starting any time after 3:30 pm and going (as per usual) until whenever.  The après is open to everyone including any non-skiers in the club.  Let’s have a good turnout for this thing.  Shoot me an email if you can make either or both that day.


Once piece ski suit update:

Longtime Kiwanian and alpine legend Lawrence LaFrance feels quite confident that he can squeeze into one of Son Will’s bright yellow one-piece downhill racing outfits.   Now Lawrence and Will likely weight about the same however Will is six inches taller so I’m thinking a shoehorn might be of some assistance.  At any rate it sounds like Lawrence could be on the cusp of developing his own cutting-edge line of athletic wear.  This thing has just the right amounts of bold styling and bad taste that it really needs a name!!!!   How about “The LaFrance Collection, Tights by Lawrence”????











Today’s Guest Speaker:


Chris Peacock, executive director of the Sharing Place Food Bank was our guest speaker today. Chris spoke briefly about his past and of his career in the business world.  He talked about how he and his family recently moved to Orillia.  He started with the Sharing Place as a volunteer on the board and then applied for the position of executive director.  Chris talked about food insecurity which basically means not having enough to eat and not knowing where future meals are going to come from.  Sadly, this applies to 12% of the people who live in Orillia.  Chris mentioned the various plans they are implementing to combat hunger in our community.  These include community cooking classes, gardening lessons, farm gleaning programs, school breakfast and snack programs and local tower gardens among other initiatives.  The sharing place currently serves 1200 to 1400 people per month including 400 children and 200 seniors.  These represent the percentage of people who have stepped forward for help.  It doesn’t include everyone for whom food insecurity is an issue.  These are sobering statistics, especially for a community as wealthy as Orillia.  Thanks so much for being with us today Chris.  You certainly left us with the impression that the Sharing Place is in very capable hands!!!
Next Week:

Not sure what’s going on next week but it’s a good bet we’re all back at Theo’s. That’s all for now, have a great week everyone.
Thought for the Day:


“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger”.

        Buzz Aldrin

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