Monday November 6th, 2017

Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday November 6th, 2017

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia





Heather Breckles                    Stevie Ray VK                John Pritchard

Steph Worthington                 Joanne Watson               Peter Head

Tim Timpano                          Fred Larsen                     Mark Burns

Bruce Waite                            Mike Bunn                      Dave North

Robert Marck                          Charles Kelly                  Korine Keyzer

Bob Wink                               Chuck Burton                 Adam Borutski

Marnie Bosco                         Jen Man                          Carol Ivey

John Parker                             Don Haskins                   Noel Sterne

Rob Town                               John Mayo                      Matt Dixon

Lawrence LaFrance



Marnie Van Kessel                 Stan Man                        Dave Breckles

Julie Taylor

Oh Canada:

Really good today Gang!!!! Must be all that positive energy from this past weekend!!!

The Blessing: 

Noel Sterne delivered a poignant blessing as always – thanks Noel.

Happy Loonies: 

Dave North (me) is happy about my wife Lynnette’s big birthday which was this past November 4th.  Because of the club’s big event we decided to defer the celebration until this Saturday November 11th at our house.  Anyone who happens to be in the hood around or after 2:00 pm is welcome to drop by for a glass of wine and a snack.  The address is 1616 Osprey Lane left off Fairgrounds just past the roller rink.  No gifts necessary (she has everything she needs).

Mike Bunn welcomed the latest addition to the family. Baby Hugh was born this past Halloween.  Congrats Mike, that’s awesome news!!!!

Adam’s sister recently became engaged to her longtime boyfriend. All the best to you both!!!

This Past Weekend:


There’s another auction in the books and all I can say is Wow!!!!!! I mean Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we hit this thing further than most people would go on vacation!!!!  I know we keep saying that this thing keeps getting bigger and better but it’s true!!!!  What a truly fantastic team effort from the whole club.  Not just members but spouses, children, grandchildren and friends all came together for the best Kiwanis weekend of the year.

We still need a few weeks before we have a final total, but I’ve been around this thing for a while now and I think we have boldly gone where no Kiwanis club has gone before!!! Stay tuned. 

Special Mention:

I wanted to mention how great it was to see Dave Breckles out this past weekend. Many of you know Dave is currently working his way through some health issues and I’m sure he’ll get to the other side of it.  Dave along with his wife Heather has been a huge part of this auction for many years.  He’s done much to lay the foundation for what we are currently building on today.  Awesome to see you my friend.  Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!!


Upcoming Kiwanis Stuff:


We’ve got some great stuff coming up between now and Christmas Gang!!! Hot off the euphoria that comes from the auction we have the Santa Claus Parade, the Christmas Kettles and our Christmas Party.  Watch your email everyone, this is the best time of year to be in Kiwanis!!!!

Next Week:


We’re back at Theo’s next week everyone. Not sure what we have on the sched but we’re back at Theo’s.  Before I sign off I wanted to leave you with a couple of final thoughts on the auction.  Peter said it when he summed up this past weekend.  This event truly brings this community together.  It takes many volunteers countless hours to put this thing together and it takes an entire community to come out and make this thing a success.  To the many of you who have put your careers, your businesses, your families and your lives on the back burner so that we can pull this thing off – THANK YOU!!!!

 Thought for the Day:


After such a fun and successful weekend, you might think it’s easy for me to come up with something positive and uplifting. I am working on it and I’m sure it will come to me in the weeks ahead but for now I can’t help but think about the hard, physical work that the club put into this past weekend.  From gathering and sorting all the items to the set up and tear down of the hall it has been a slugfest all week.  There has been lifting, pushing, pulling, and heaving.  There’s also been sore backs, busted knuckles, sweat and dare I say broken nails – broken nails!!!

Out of all this there has also been an optimistic comradery and a sense of purpose that has permeated the entire weekend. There’s a special sort of “equine vibe” that comes with all that teamwork, being around the Fairgrounds (and hanging out with Carol Ivey all weekend).  Forgive me for this but working along-side so many of my fellow Kiwanians all weekend is the inspiration for today’s thought for the day.


“A farting horse will never tire and a farting man’s the man to hire”.

                From the Book of Brechin

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