Monday October 16th, 2017

Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday October 16th, 2017

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia




Joanne Watson               Bob MacDonald             Peter Head

Kevin Collins                  Doug Downey                 Korine Keyzer

Jerry Wink                      Mark Goode                    Noel Sterne

Dan Stoutt                       Chuck Burton                 Adam Borutski

Jen Man                          Charles Kelly                  Steph Worthington

Bruce Waite                    Fred Larsen                     James Maxwell

John Parker                     Mark Burns                     Bob Brown

John Pritchard                 Heather Breckles            Don Haskins

John Mayo                      Robert Marck                  Rob Town

Dave North



Stephanie Hunter – BMO Mortgage Lending

Oh Canada:

Today’s meeting found Kiwanis in good voice. Nice job Gang!!!

The Blessing:

Noel Sterne delivered an eloquent blessing as always – thanks Noel.

Happy Loonies:

Dave North (me) had an awesome week off at the cottage with my darling wife last week. I can’t explain it but I didn’t gain a single pound either!!!!
Chuck Burton is happy that the Burton Financial minor atom Orillia Terriers will be profiled in the upcoming “Hockey Day in Canada” celebration this November 4th.  Funny, I think there’s something else on the calendar that day….  Chuck’s son cracked the Orillia Laker lineup as well.  Great stuff Chuck!!!!

Bob Brown had a loonie in honor of longtime Kiwanian Bruce Waite’s 75th birthday.  Here’s to many more Bruce!!!!

Bruce Waite had a 1979 clipping out of the Packet which had a picture of Korine’s younger sister along with Wendy Timpano on their first day at the Orillia Central School. Might be something O.M.A.H. might be interested in.  Cool stuff Bruce!!!

Charles Kelly clinked the can in honor of the “Take a Vet to Dinner” night this coming October 28th.

Doug Downey was in Disneyland celebrating his daughter Jane’s tenth birthday. Did you do Space Mountain?????

Don Haskins was happy for the fantastic job LG Steph did this past weekend as District 8 hosted Governor Bobby Moo Young. Well done as always Steph!!!!

Rob Town chipped in a loonie for the upcoming November debut performance of “Chicago”. Nice to have you back Rob.  I can stop checking the obituaries.

Fred Larsen was hanging out in Virginia Beach with Sons Chris and Lars (Joe). You’re quite the jetsetter this year Fred!!!

Kevin Collins is happy about the $50,000.00 raised in the Easter Seals poutine eating competition this past weekend. Sounds like a great way to raise money!!!

Korine was in Las Vegas this past weekend and was moved by the warm reception she received by the residents in the wake of the recent tragedy. It’s great to hear about these small but significant things that CNN and CNBC don’t cover.


Caribbean Relief:


The board approved a $3,500.00 donation for relief efforts in the Caribbean in the wake of the devastation wrought by this season’s barrage of hurricanes. The donation received an extra 50% from the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada.  Awesome news Gang, this is why we do what we do!!!!!



Auction Update:


Cards, you’ve got em, we need em. Let’s pull together and get this thing put to bed by Friday everyone!!!!
Today’s Guest Speaker:


Fellow Kiwanian and CEO of Ontario Easter Seals was with us today. Kevin recounted his long association with our club which dates back to the 1970s when he was nominated as “Timmy” for both Orillia and Ontario.  He talked about the mission of Easter Seals which is to serve youth with physical disabilities.  These include among others cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy. He talked about the long history of Easter Seals which began in 1922.  He noted that it can cost a family upwards of $40,000.00 per year to raise a child with a physical disability.  Almost half of these families live on less than $40,000.00 per year in income.  Kevin spoke of the many different fundraising methods employed.  It was interesting to hear that the ever-familiar direct mail campaign held every March is still the most effective.  Kevin indicated that as CEO, his goal is to rebuild the kind of relationships such as the one enjoyed with Kiwanis for sixty or more years.  Thanks so much for being with us today Kevin.  I’ve thrown the pigskin around all through high school with your two able-bodied yet butterfingered brothers (Leo and Joey) and I’ve known you for much of that time.  You were an inspiration for all of us at T.L.S.S. and I can’t imagine anyone more qualified and capable of running Easter Seals than you!!!!






Next Week:

We’re all back at Theo’s next week when the focus will be all about the auction – auction, auction, auction!!! Let’s get those cards in!!!! That’s all for now, have a great week everyone!!!!
Thought for the Day:

“Disability is the inability to see the ability.”




















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