Monday August 21st, 2017

         Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday August 21st, 2017

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia




Joanne Watson               Steph Worthington                 John Pritchard

Bob MacDonald             Ben Cole                                 Mark Burns

Mike Bunn                      Chuck Burton                         Charles Kelly

Adam Borutski               John Parker                             John Mayo

Jen Man                          Robert Marck                          John Morton

Don Haskins                   Lawrence LaFrance                        Korine Keyzer

Bruce Waite                    David North

Blair Bailey                    Chris Hazel
Oh Canada:

Due to the somewhat low turnout at the beginning of today’s meeting, Pres Steph decided to forgo the singing of our national anthem. Hey, I’ve heard us do worse – nice job Gang!!!!

Happy Loonies:

Dave North (me) is happy about wife Lynnette’s new eight to four, Monday to Friday position with the O.P.P. Not sure what she’s doing, I don’t have the proper security clearance or the need to know.

Lawrence is happy to have the family all home to celebrate his father’s 90th birthday.  Here’s to many more Mr. LaFrance!!!!

John Parker is happy and proud to have his son deployed with the R.C.N. on the H.M.C.S. Charlottetown. You should be proud John, that’s awesome!!!!

Steph chipped in a loonie for the new Kiwanis Club of Huntsville Muskoka. Great news in a time when service clubs are declining!!!!

Special Member Update:

Longtime Kiwanian Bob Brown is recovering from what has turned out to be a double spinal fracture. The entire club wishes you a speedy return to your upbeat and energetic self.  Ever the optimist, Bruce Waite put a positive spin on this by suggesting maybe Bob could take on more auction cards this year.  Thanks Bruce, I’m sure Bob appreciates the sentiment!!!
Auction Update:

Speaking of auction, the gun has gone off (hopefully not in the holster), the cards are out and Stevie VK and company are back at next Tuesday, 4:30 at Mayo’s office. Have you started your cards yet???????
Special Summer Event:

Home runs were hit by both Steve Pearce and Steph Worthington at last week’s Kiwanis trip down the Roger’s Centre. Thanks to Chuck Burton for donating the Dock bus!!!!  Great event Gang!!!

Kiwanis Children’s Safety Village:

It’s back to school time which means it’s also KCSV set up and tear down season.   We need four Kiwanians per time slot and Mike Bunn is circulating the time sign-up sheet.


Today’s Guest Speaker:

Chris Hazel, manager of the Mariposa Folk Festival, was our guest speaker today. Chris recounted his very interesting journey from both business and law school through the corporate world and onto stay at home parenthood which landed him and his family here in Orillia.  Chris took on his role with the M.F.F. last February.    The M.F.F. is a not for profit music festival which has a long and rich history with our community.  He spoke about the challenges faced by a medium sized festival when trying to find their place amongst larger festivals such as Wayhome at Burl’s Creek.  He explained the delicate balance between attracting big names along with the associated expense and the financial return that makes the festival viable and sustainable.  He indicated that sponsorship comes from all levels of government as well as private and corporate donations.  Thanks Chris for delivering a very interesting presentation today.

Wow, whenever I think of folk music I think of Peter Paul and Mary, The Kingston Trio, Dylan before he decided to plug in, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and of course, Gordon Lightfoot. Artists who in the 1960s, partook in peaceful protest through acoustic music.  I would put Bruce Cockburn (another personal fav) in that category but I’ve never really made that connection between folk and all these great new artists.  Sadly, I’m becoming tragically unhip in my old age but that didn’t stop me from cranking up Dark Side of the Moon and “vibing out” to the eclipse yesterday afternoon!!!!!
Next Week:

That’s all for this week. There’s no regular meeting next week because it’s the annual 4-H BBQ down at Big Curve Acres.   How about everyone grab a few kids or grandkids (preferably your own) and meet us down there.  If you’re at the in between stage, come on your own.  Who doesn’t like a hot dog, corn on the cob and all those cute baby farm animals???  Pretty sure start time is 6:00 p.m., see you then.

Thought for the Day:

It’s a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with.”

        Pete Seeger


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