Monday June 12th, 2017

Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday June 12th, 2017

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia




Ben Cole                         Korine Keyzer                Steph Worthington

Mike Bunn                      Joanne Watson               John Parker

Steve Van Kessel            Jerry Wink                      Bob Robinson

Fred Larsen                     Charles Kelly                  Lynn Peterson

Mark Burns                     Noel Sterne                     John Mayo

Heather Breckles            Adam Borutski               Jen Man

Robert Marck                  Don Haskins                   Lawrence LaFrance

John Morton                   Dave North
Guests:   PLG Chuck Mcilravey            Mayor Steve Clarke
Oh Canada:   Truly a gold medal performance!!!  I wonder if it had anything to do with the Nashville Predator home games?
The Blessing:   Delivered eloquently as always by Noel Sterne – thank you Noel.
Ratification of Club By-laws:

After much discussion, debate and consultation, the club approved the new by-laws. Moved by Fred Larsen, seconded by Noel Sterne all were in favor – great stuff!!!!
The Loonie Bin:

John Mayo chipped in some pocket lint for the huge effort put in by Korine and Steph on the awesome Kiwanis Hoedown this past weekend at Burl’s Creek. More (much more) on that later.
Bruce Waite recalled the last time the club sold tickets as a fundraiser. It was a huge success!!!  We only lost $7.800.00!!!!

Mike Bunn was elated to see Jerry Wink sporting a Grant Thornton golf shirt. I hate to burst your bubble Mike but it was laundry day at the Wink homestead and that was the only shirt in the hamper that passed “the old sniff test”.

Heather (Granny Cranney) Breckles was happy about Son Tom’s wedding. Congrats to clan Breckles on what looked like a fantastic day!!!!

Stevie VK had a loonie for the ALS walk that raised over $50,000.00 this past weekend – awesome stuff Stevo!!!!
Message From the PLG

PLG Chuck Mcilravey joined us for lunch today. Chuck mentioned that Kiwanis is looking at starting a new club in Huntsville.  He was hoping that our club might be the sponsor.  This would include primarily mentoring the new club as it gets established.  This item will be on the board agenda for next Monday’s meeting.  Thanks for being with us Chuck, your enthusiasm is infectious!!!!
Today’s Guest Speaker:

The ever- popular Mayor of Orillia, Steve Clarke was our guest speaker today. Steve brought the club up to date on what’s been going on with our city these days.  Wow – Costco, Hydro One Advanced Technology Hub, the Waterfront Centre, Downtown Tomorrow, Orillia 150, the 2018 Winter Games, Pingstreet, Transit, the Rec Centre, you name it, it’s happening.  Get the feeling that Orillia’s time has finally come?  It was great having you Steve and it sounds like the Good Ship Orillia has a firm hand on the tiller!!!!


The First Annual Kiwanis Hoedown

Wow!!!! Korine, Steph and the Hoedown Gang really ripped the cover off the ball on this one!!!!  Here’s a bit of a recap for those that missed it.  It was a beautiful, warm and breezy summer evening out in Oro.  People slowly starting trickling in at 7:00 – mostly members and their guests.  The beer and wine stations were set up as were the food samples.  People mixed and mingled, many sat on the picnic tables and Muskoka chairs that were meticulously placed under Korine’s direction (anyone notice the randomness)?  The beer flowed, the wine got sipped, the snacks nibbles and the sun set over the western sky silhouetting the majestic maples and oaks along the distant fence rows.  The mood was light, relaxed and everyone was enjoying themselves.
As it got dark the music fired up. People moseyed inside.  At first people mostly took in the surroundings, that great barn with its classic timber-frame construction with its soaring vaulted roof and the large video screens and speakers blaring out the country favs of today and yesterday. The beer continued to flow (at least at our table) and people continued to laugh, giggle and chat – to quote Alan Jackson, we were all “havin a good time”.  Then Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” came on and the place came alive.  Several Kiwanis and guest stormed the dance floor and really started to “cut a rug”.  Others remained on the sidelines and with all that beer, started to “cut the cheese”.  As stated in the promo material we whooped er up until the music stopped.
I’ll never get to every Kiwanian but I do want to make a few comments on a few who stood out. Let me first start with a multiple- choice question:

What hasn’t changed since the mid 1970’s?

  1. John Mayo’s gentlemanly demeanor?
  2. John Mayo’s commitment to community service?
  3. John Mayo’s dance moves?
  4. All the above?

The answer was pretty obvious to anyone who was there!!!!
Loved the country duds that many were sporting. Don Haskins, Nicole and Kevin, Eric and Matt, Korine, Steph and many more really dressed the part!!!!!  Looked to me like a rerun of HEE HAW!!!  Lawrence LaFrance, Chuck Burton and BT Cole were three rootin’ tootin’ hombres who really let loose their inner cowboy!!!!  Pres elect Peter was totally rockin the country boy look until it came to his choice of libation.  Dude, I grew up in the country and cowboys don’t sipped on fruity and aromatic merlots- yeish!!!!!  To those who showed up in sandals, I’d love to see you burn through a barn yard with those on!!!!  The highlight of the evening, hands down, had to be Steve Van Kessel’s shirt – Waylon Jennings meets Dean Brody.

I knew it was time to leave when my buddy Kirk Valliant, defensive coach of the Jr. C. Orillia Terriers, joined in word for word with Shania’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman”.

Bottom line, the Gals are onto something here. Korine and Steph have laid the groundwork here and it’s up to us to take the ball and run with it!!!!  A huge thanks to you both and to everyone else who worked on what was the best night I’ve ever had in my fourteen years in Kiwanis!!!!




Next Week:


Not sure who the guest speaker is next week but I know we’re back at Theo’s. That’s all for now, have a great week everyone!!!!



Thought for the Day:


Old ways won’t open new doors.”





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