Monday May 29th, 2017



Kiwanis Club of Orillia

                   Weekly Meeting Monday May 29th, 2017

                   Theo’s Restaurant, Orillia




Joanne Watson               Bob MacDonald             Mark Goode

Ben Cole                         Steph Worthington         Fred Larsen

Jerry Wink                      Mark Burns                     Jim Wenger

Bob Wink                       Noel Sterne                     Korine Keyzer

Carol Ivey                       Mike Bunn                      Matt Dixon

James Maxwell               Robert Marck                  John Parker

Jen Man                          Don Haskins                   Peter Head

Marnie Bosco                 Dave North


 Oh Canada: Canadian recording artists like Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn were renowned for pushing the limits with alternate tunings on their guitars. We’re making our musical mark by singing in alternate keys – we’re such trailblazers!!!!

 The Blessing: Delivered eloquently by Noel Sterne – thanks Noel







Special Motion:

 The club approved the motion to donate $15,000.00 to the “Where Angels Play” initiative – a great donation for a worthy cause!!!
The Loonie Bin:

 Jen Man’s son Noah took gold in the Calgary tae kwon do competition. He’s now off to Costa Rica to compete in the Pan-American youth games – now that’s awesome stuff!!!!

Mark Burns is happy that T-ball is half way over and so far, no tears – at least not from the players.

Fred Larsen is nailing down his twenty or so vocal parts for the upcoming Canadian Panorama in honor of our nation’s 150th birthday.  Any chance they could lend us a tuner for Oh Canada????

Peter Head and the Head Start U-17 boys’ basketball team headed off to Markham this past weekend where they made headlines by taking silver. That’s heady stuff!!!

James Maxwell clinked the can in honor of his 19th wedding anniversary.    Congrats to you and Jenn!!!!
Kiwanis International Family Membership Initiative:

 The folks down at KI have decided to award $100.00 to the club coffers for any club member who brings a family member into Kiwanis.

 Today’s Guest Speaker:

 Orillia Deputy Fire Chief Brent Thomas was our guest speaker today. Brent’s presentation focused on defibrillator.  He talked about what they do and he demonstrated how to operate one.  He also indicated that this is now a part of basic CPR training.  Sounds like many of us could use an update in first aid!!!  Thanks for being with us today Brent and thank you for being such a valued partner in the Kiwanis Safety Village.


Next Week:

 That’s all for now Gang. We’re back at Theo’s next week when our guest speaker will be Ninette Gyorody, Executive Director of the Orillia Museum of Art and History.
Thought for the Day

 “Sometimes when things are falling apart they are actually falling into place.”


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