Monday January 23rd 2017

         Kiwanis Club of Orillia

    Weekly meeting Monday January 23, 2017

                Theo’s Restaurant Orillia


Mike Bunn                      Dave North                     Steph Worthington

Joanne Watson               James Maxwell               Heather Breckles

Korine Keyzer                Charles Kelly                  Ben Cole

Peter Head                      Jim Wenger                    Carol Ivey

Bob Brown                      Don Haskins                   Bruce Waite

Jen Man                          Lawrence LaFrance                Rob Town
The Blessing:

Noel Stern delivered a poignant blessing as always – thanks Noel!!!!
Oh Canada:

Nothing weak about this one Gang!!!! I credit the strong lead!!!!
Happy Loonies:

Dave North (me) – It was the late seventies. Meatloaf was tearing up the charts, the Pittsburg Steelers were tearing up the NFL and I was tearing up any magazines with the Bee Gees on the cover.  Rob Town was tearing up the Ontario track and field scene and as such has been nominated to the Orillia Sports Hall of Fame – awesome Rob!!!!

BBBS Chairperson Heather Breckles is happy about the upcoming BBBS curling bonspiel.   She just doesn’t know when it is – great stuff Heather!!!!

Bob Brown chipped in a loonie for Amy Town’s stellar performance in the hit play “Orillia is Born”. The Town family are all over the news this week!!!

Bruce Waite has a huge announcement for next week – the suspense is palpable!!!!

Jim Wenger’s daughter landed a nice position with the T.D. Bank – groovy Jim!!!!

Pres Steph is happy to be back in Canada after her visit to NYC and the Jersey Shore. We’re happy to have you back Steph.
Today’s Guest Speaker:

Dennis Smith, owner of the Laclie St. Pharmacy, was our guest speaker today. Dennis gave a very informative summary of how the landscape looks today with respect to the production and dispensing of our medications.  He also talked about the practice of compounding.  Among other things, compounding enables medications to be altered so that they can be taken in different forms that are easier and more readily accepted.  Dennis mentioned that this service is not available in all pharmacies.  Services can vary greatly between pharmacies.  This was a very interesting presentation Dennis, thank you for being with us today.  The only thing disconcerting was Maxwell’s keen interest in the creams and lotions!!!

Upcoming Events:

Mark Tuesday February 7 off on your calendars for the annual Heart & Stroke Luncheon at Hawkridge.

Next Week:

We’re all back at Theo’s next week Gang!!! I missed who the guest speaker is.  I was sitting with Mike Bunn and as we all know, he’ll chat your ear off!!!!  Have a great week everyone!!!
Thought for the Day:

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”


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